Check out my first course on LinkedIn Learning: Security in Fintech – Essential Training

Today my first LinkedIn Learning course on securing fintech solutions went live!

Securing fintech solutions from Security in Fintech Essential Training by Emmanuel Chebukati

It was an exciting surprise to wake up to the notifications of the course’s release, and to see the initial reactions it elicited.

This demonstrative course covers the essentials that fintech providers and professionals in the industry ought to implement to arrive at a baseline security posture.

In designing the course, I leveraged my experience working with our fintech clients at Hepta Analytics, replenished my knowledge on current best-practices and trends, and borrowed lessons from the experience of building and securing our own fintech solution HeptaPay.

The result was 17 nascent slides, 49 media files, and over 4 hours of raw footage, which were all beautifully packaged into a professional 2h 12m course by the fantastic post-production team at LinkedIn.

I hope you enjoy learning; and I look forward to any comments, questions or feedback you may have about my course.

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