Cybersecurity Foundations: Application Security – My 2nd LinkedIn Learning Course

I am excited to announce the release of my 2nd LinkedIn Learning course titled Cybersecurity Foundations: Application Security. Check it out the link below:

Learn to secure applications from Cybersecurity Foundations: Application Security by Emmanuel Chebukati

This demonstrative beginner course covers the essentials that those entering the cybersecurity field ought to know to have a solid understanding of application security.

In designing the course, I wanted it to be fresh and current so I used the top 10 most reported vulnerabilities of 2022 as the baseline for the core chapters. This way, technical learners who successfully completed the course would be able to fit right into a role that required them to identify, triage, and resolve common security incidents. I also added a chapter on current trends in the appsec space featuring demonstrations on WAFs, DevSecOps, and training platforms.

To keep the course somewhat entertaining, I tried not to get too technical with the explanations. At every step of the scripting phase I pondered, “if this video was dubbed onto TikTok, would it stand-alone, be engaging, and make sense to my parents?”. If not, I worked harder on the demos, and softned the use of technical terms. In the end, I believe that I arrived at a good balance.

Unlike my previous LinkedIn Learning course, this one was fairly easy to record because I already knew how all the equipment and software worked. The only hiccup was a laptop switch mid-recording which delayed the anticipated course release. Happy retirement, my legendary Microsoft Surface Book!

I hope all cybersecurity entrants – and even those looking to refresh their knowledge of current vulnerabilities – enjoy taking the course. I look forward to any comments, questions or feedback you may have about my new course.

It’s free on LinkedIn Learning with the link above. Spread the word to teach others about Cybersecurity Foundations in Application Security!